How to implement recursive KnapSack Algorithm in C# with real life Example – Part2


As we talked about in the last article, we used the recursive approach of KnapSack and we have had 2 drawbacks. It is heavy in running time and it is not possible to track the index of removed items. In this part, we will take the Dynamic part approach which will improve running time and….

How to implement recursive KnapSack Algorithm in C# with real life Example – Part1


Imagine you have a little trolley with a maximum load of 200Kg (20000 gram), and you get one chance to transport rocks of different weights, each has a reward value from location A to location B, and you are not allowed to load more than 200Kg of rocks. You want to pick the most possible….

Your Guide on How to Improve Your C# Programming Skills

C# Programming Skills

We all know how exciting it can be to learn a new language, particularly when it’s coding-related. For programming professionals, learning C# can be a competitive option that can shape their careers.  Unlike C++, C# offers automatic memory management. It also offers robust safety as compared to JavaScript. It also has secure base-class libraries, a….

How to Benchmark Testing your code in C#


As a software developer, some time we develop a peace of code even with unit testing and think that is world best code. Until we realize that it might perform very bad in specific condition or heavy load. For instance lets say you develop a simple search mechanism to your application that preform very well….

How to create a local test playground of Azure Cosmos Db for .NET development

Cosmos Db

When I have started my first article series regarding How to unit testing Azure Blob Storage locally and GitHub few months back, I have never thought what comes next. I facing the same issue as I did with Azure Blob Storage, How can I unit test my Cosmos Db methods in .NET both locally and….