How to Benchmark Testing your code in C#


As a software developer, some time we develop a peace of code even with unit testing and think that is world best code. Until we realize that it might perform very bad in specific condition or heavy load. For instance lets say you develop a simple search mechanism to your application that preform very well….

How to create a local test playground of Azure Cosmos Db for .NET development

Cosmos Db

When I have started my first article series regarding How to unit testing Azure Blob Storage locally and GitHub few months back, I have never thought what comes next. I facing the same issue as I did with Azure Blob Storage, How can I unit test my Cosmos Db methods in .NET both locally and….

How to create own Search Engine in C# – Part 3

Search Engine in C#

Introduction As we demonstrate in second part of this article, we was able to improve search results, but we talked also on how to return suggestion to typo in searching. In this article I am going to use Levenshtein Distance Algorithm. Levenshtein Algorithm calculates the distance between 2 input strings. If we have 2 equal….

How to create own Search Engine in C# – Part 2

Search Engine in C#

Introduction As we demonstrate in first part of this article, searching big data in List will not be efficient, therefore we have several options to optimize our searching. One way is to use Dictionary or SortedDictionary. Both Data structures are Key and Value based and the lookup time for the Key for both Data structure….

How to create own Search Engine in C# – Part 1

Search Engine in C#

Introduction I was always curious how Search Engine works in general and was always considering how can I build my own personal Search Engine for own data source. Of course not trying to build a new Google search engine or re-inventing the wheel, but there is a good feeling you get when your curiosity is satisfied, especially….

How to make Shortest path in Grid using BFS in C#

Shortest Path, Breath First Search

Since I started at the university and learned about data structure, the Queue was (I assume many of you know what Queue is, it is a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) data structure) a very important topic that is used in many algorithmic solutions. When I ended university and started working for different businesses, I switch from Java….