How to Recover Deleted Azure DevOps Repository?

Azure DevOps Repo Recovery

You might possibly delete an Azure DevOps repository by mistake and want to recover it. As a standard, it is not possible to recover deleted repositories from the user interface. In this article, I will explain how to undelete a repository manually, and in addition, I will introduce a little tool that recovers your repository….

How to copy an existing Git repository into an existing Git repository with commit history

git to git

I have recently met a nice challenge of moving a frontend repository let’s call it (A) with its commit history to an existing backend git repository let’s call (B). At the begging of this challenge, I was thinking to clone repository A and copying it into a subfolder in repository B. This would work but….

How to Create Mermaid with GitHub


Mermaid is a JavaScript-based diagramming and charting tool that uses Markdown-inspired text definitions and a renderer to create and modify complex diagrams. The main purpose of Mermaid is to help documentation catch up with development. Let’s take an example, if you copy the following snippet in your GitHub repo with or any markdown page,….

How to Benchmark Testing your code in C#


As a software developer, some time we develop a peace of code even with unit testing and think that is world best code. Until we realize that it might perform very bad in specific condition or heavy load. For instance lets say you develop a simple search mechanism to your application that preform very well….

How to create a local test playground of Azure Cosmos Db for .NET development

Cosmos Db

When I have started my first article series regarding How to unit testing Azure Blob Storage locally and GitHub few months back, I have never thought what comes next. I facing the same issue as I did with Azure Blob Storage, How can I unit test my Cosmos Db methods in .NET both locally and….