How to create a local test playground of Azure Cosmos Db for .NET development

Cosmos Db

When I have started my first article series regarding How to unit testing Azure Blob Storage locally and GitHub few months back, I have never thought what comes next. I facing the same issue as I did with Azure Blob Storage, How can I unit test my Cosmos Db methods in .NET both locally and….

How to manage secrets in .NET locally and on GitHub?

Manage Secrets .NET

A lot of software development requires secrets to interact with other systems, database, api keys etc. It is ultimate important to secure these secrets, in a way that you are less concern who can access or se these secrets. IMO, a best practice is to have different secrets for each environments. For example for Local….

How to convert AI, EPS, PDF, PS to Image file in C#?

Convert PDF to Image

It is possible to convert AI, EPS, PDF and PS to image file of choice. This can be done different ways. I will show you how to do it using well recognized libraries for free. This requires 3 steps. We need a library that can read AI, EPS, PDF and PS. For this purpose, Download….