How to make integration test for Azure Storage in C# – Part 3

Unit testing Azure Storage

So in the previous article part 2, we covered how to make a simple integration test of our Azure Blob Storage methods, and I assume the developers are as happy with the achievement as far as the office guys are. But, this integration test we made has 2 drawbacks: It requires fire-up Azurite docker and….

How to make integration test for Azure Storage in C# – Part 2

Unit testing Azure Storage

In the first part and previous article, we covered how to install Azurite, an Azure Storage Emulator. We have also learned how to fire up a local emulator for testing. Now we will build a small storage app that can do basic stuff like, read, write and delete, and then we will test it with….

How to make integration test for Azure Storage – Part Main

Unit testing Azure Storage

When I started programming, and before the age of moving solutions to Azure Cloud, I was not concerned about where to save my data. Because in most cases I used the same storage space where the code was hosted on. In most cases, the solution was on-premise within the same domain and there were no….

How to manage secrets in .NET locally and on GitHub?

Manage Secrets .NET

A lot of software development requires secrets to interact with other systems, database, api keys etc. It is ultimate important to secure these secrets, in a way that you are less concern who can access or se these secrets. IMO, a best practice is to have different secrets for each environments. For example for Local….

How to .NET Core 3.0 Wpf application use Dependency Injection

I have recently come across this requirement to a project I am working on that requires Dependency Injection. For this we need to install/add nuget package to our Wpf project: In my case I created a class that I want to use for logging called it LogBase, so in my App.xaml.cs class add following, this….

How to Create Thumbnail with ImageMagick in .net

For web and desktop application it is often required to auto generate thumbnails of single image or multiple image. It is possible to write a code to scale/resize image, but with few lines of code you can use ImageMagick library to make this happen. Create Visual Studio 2017/2019 project, get ImageMagick nuget pakcage. ImageMagick has….