Finally I have spent some time developing a little windows console app to download mp3 from YouTube.

The idea of this little software, is for learning purpose and to demonstrate some primitive programming logic. This software should be used only for own private uploaded materials or non protected content. This software is made as is and developer is not responsible for its usage. It is highly encouraged to read and respect YouTube policy and copyright note. You are welcome to continue improving it for learning purpose or you are also welcome to star it and join as contributor in Git, just email me [email protected]. This software is license under MIT license agreement.


Third party packages/libraries:

  • MediaToolkit
  • Newtonsoft.Json
  • NSubstitute
  • NUnit
  • Shouldly
  • VideoLibrary
  • Costura.Fody


Reference: Is it legal to use YouTube to mp3 converters?

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