How to make integration test for Azure Storage in C# – Part 3

Unit testing Azure Storage

So in the previous article part 2, we covered how to make a simple integration test of our Azure Blob Storage methods, and I assume the developers are as happy with the achievement as far as the office guys are. But, this integration test we made has 2 drawbacks: It requires fire-up Azurite docker and….

How to make integration test for Azure Storage in C# – Part 2

Unit testing Azure Storage

In the first part and previous article, we covered how to install Azurite, an Azure Storage Emulator. We have also learned how to fire up a local emulator for testing. Now we will build a small storage app that can do basic stuff like, read, write and delete, and then we will test it with….

How to make integration test for Azure Storage – Part Main

Unit testing Azure Storage

When I started programming, and before the age of moving solutions to Azure Cloud, I was not concerned about where to save my data. Because in most cases I used the same storage space where the code was hosted on. In most cases, the solution was on-premise within the same domain and there were no….

How to manage secrets in .NET locally and on GitHub?

Manage Secrets .NET

A lot of software development requires secrets to interact with other systems, database, api keys etc. It is ultimate important to secure these secrets, in a way that you are less concern who can access or se these secrets. IMO, a best practice is to have different secrets for each environments. For example for Local….

How to encrypt and decrypt in .NET using CryptoNet

CryptoNet banner

Few years back I wrote an encryption and decryption code for protecting sensitive person data for fin-tech business. Since that time, I wished I could have time to putted all together in a library that can befit the community. I succussed upon Christmas 2021 holiday time to brush it up and re-write it and make….