How to encrypt and decrypt in .NET using CryptoNet

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Few years back I wrote an encryption and decryption code for protecting sensitive person data for fin-tech business. Since that time, I wished I could have time to putted all together in a library that can befit the community. I succussed upon Christmas 2021 holiday time to brush it up and re-write it and make….

How to .NET Core 3.0 Wpf application use Dependency Injection

I have recently come across this requirement to a project I am working on that requires Dependency Injection. For this we need to install/add nuget package to our Wpf project: In my case I created a class that I want to use for logging called it LogBase, so in my App.xaml.cs class add following, this….

How to Create Thumbnail with ImageMagick in .net

For web and desktop application it is often required to auto generate thumbnails of single image or multiple image. It is possible to write a code to scale/resize image, but with few lines of code you can use ImageMagick library to make this happen. Create Visual Studio 2017/2019 project, get ImageMagick nuget pakcage. ImageMagick has….