How to Install Notepad++ Compare plugin

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Start your Notepad++ as administrator mode. Press F1 to find out if your Notepad++ is 64bit or 32bit (86x), hence you need to download the correct plugin version. Download Compare-plugin v.2, from:– for Notepad++ 7.5 and above use Compare v2.– for Notepad++ 7.7 and above use Compare v2.0.0 for Notepad++ 7.7 Unzip Compare-plugin in temporary….

GuideBelt Project (IoT)

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We see every day new technologies coming out to market but a few of those technologies are focused for people with special needs. We have just finalized a research project called GuideBelt. It is simply a Bluetooth-based indoor navigation system for the visually impaired. The GuideBelt, which is the product of this research, is such….

How to protect image from public view in Laravel 5?


It is possible to protect images from¬†public view¬†in Laravel 5.x folder. Create¬†images¬†folder under¬†storage¬†folder (I have chosen¬†storage¬†folder because it has write permission already that I can use when I upload images to it) in Laravel like¬†storage/app/images. Move the images you want to protect from public folder to the new created¬†images¬†folder. You could also chose other location….

Augmented Reality for doctors (IoT)

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A project that enables doctors to see patience hospital journal virtually through augment reality, at the same time it is possible to navigate thought the journal with hand gesture. Code only accessible for group members: Read paper PDF: Hospital journal