GuideBelt Project (IoT)


We see every day new technologies coming out to market but a few of those technologies are focused for people with special needs.

We have just finalized a research project called GuideBelt. It is simply a Bluetooth-based indoor navigation system for the visually impaired.bluetooth based indoor navigation system for the visually impaired

The GuideBelt, which is the product of this research, is such a solution that takes advantage of cheap Bluetooth beacons attached to places/objects of interest within an indoor space.

The implementation of the GuideBelt that has been the focus of this work is an early prototype, which uses phones to simulate the Bluetooth receivers (coupled with a vibration module). This was to allow us to focus on development of the algorithm rather than electronics. Therefore, the direction of this research is towards the implementation of the system with the actual technology necessary meaning with assembled electronic components (including Bluetooth modules and vibrators).

We have also wrote a research paper of our experiment that contains important details of the project.

We have made a little image site to present some images of the development:

We have also produced a video of the experiment:

Research and Development

  • Abdulrashid Mohammed
  • Maytham Fahmi
  • Tanase Comboeanu

Feedback for development
Thomas Pederson, Shahram Jalaliniya, Alexandre Alapetite

Technical support
Sebastian Büttrich

Birgit Christensen and all participants

Augmented Reality for doctors (IoT)

Hospital Journal

A project that enables doctors to see patience hospital journal virtually through augment reality, at the same time it is possible to navigate thought the journal with hand gesture.

Code only accessible for group members:

Read paper PDF: Hospital journal


Context Awareness Project (IoT)

Context awareness

In this paper we describe the concept, development and reflection for Pervasive Computing course (Spring 2015) at IT University of Copenhagen
where we built a context-aware mobile phone utilizing an iBeacon infrastructure.

Code available for group members

PDF download: ITU Contextphone platform

Robomax Movie

robomax movie

This short movie was made for National Film & Television School in London, UK.

I have had multiple roles in this project: IT management, technical supervisor, programming scripts to solve development requirement, problem and issue solver & render farm responsibility.

The project website:

NFTS website:


Some quick networking setup for extra rendering machines
Fun of overtime working upon deadline
Local Storage
Some over work injection