Let’s deploy to production!

Funny enough we are in 2020 and there are still companies out there, having no clear strategy for when things go wrong.

Lets Deploy To Production

Many IT and software companies deploy their software or web application to production using different tools.

While I was working for previous clients, we have had situations where the management things only time and money and want to release software with out having in depth knowledge of current status or with out listening to developers or ignoring possible side effects of unfinished features.

In this blog I do not really highlight solution neither telling what to do, but it is important to listen to team and create a strategy how to overcome these challenges. It can cost a lot of money and reputation.

Funny enough we are in 2020 and there are still companies that has same or similar issues. I share a funny video that highlight the issue in funny way and it is an eye opener.

And here is the transcript of the text:

The Engineer (E) and The Management guy (M) says:

E: so
E: We have a big data-analysis system
E: then
E: Management requests 50 new big features
E: all equally important
E: OK, 6-8 months of work
E: priority shifts daily, we finish nothing. Everything is barely done and broken.
E: halfway done, management comes along
M: where is it?
M: we promised it to customers
E: wait up a second
E: this stuff is only halfway done. It’s unstable
M: let’s do stability later.
M: First we need to deliver
M: this is an agile company. So lets deliver quick
M: We want to sell this stuff ASAP
E: What do you think they say?
M: Listen, we want these features tight now we had a c C-level meeting
M: we have a great plan
M: Deploy everything to production right now!
E: Right now
E: The whole system went bananas instantly!
E: Nothing works together anymore
E: The manager comes in all panicked holding his telephone
E: And asks all panicked
M: What the fuck is going on?!
E: Nobody has a clue!
E: What the hell!
E: I’ve got all theses people asking why they can’t access anything!
E: all they see is garbage data!
E: It is all unreadable
M: Roll back everything! restore the backups.
E: We don’t have backups
E: we don’t have backups
E: it was a “nice to have” in the planning
E: we brought this issue up every week
E: nobody listened
E: every week
M: ok guys, focus
M: we can reverse the code right?
E: sure things
E: the database is still fucked though
E: of course
E: you had bad code running on it
E: that data
E: it’s gone
M: but what
M: but what about the daily reports?
E: oh yes, those will be crap for a month
E: all this machine learning garbage that somehow results in some graphs or/and CSV reports
E: nobody knows how the hell that stuff works
E: that was the biggest shitstorm I ever saw
E: did you get in trouble?
E: you think?
E: Management ate me a live for calling machine learning garbage
E: totally worth it though
E: if you can’t laugh what can you do?
E: interesting time
E: performance review was next week
E: you thought this was over?
E: nobody got a raise for a decade

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