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Pascal Exercise from 1992 :)

Nov 25, 2016    |      Comments Off on Pascal Exercise from 1992 :)

I was cleaning up my old folders and papers, and found some old exercise from my early course in Pascal.

It is dated from April 1992 as shown in the red circle, wow! it is just 24 years back in time and things has just changed a lot when I compare this exercise to nowadays University exercises 😉

That time, no internet, no cell phone, more fun less stress ;).




Looks like an old Harddisk!

Nov 13, 2016    |      Comments Off on Looks like an old Harddisk!

I was working the other day some where and found this strange old harddisk/server system.

I was not able to identity the age of this system.

Old HarddiskOld HarddiskOld serverOld serverOld server

Microsoft and TRUEMAX at ITU

May 17, 2005    |      Comments Off on Microsoft and TRUEMAX at ITU

Few years back I a organized a project with Microsoft, TRUEMAX and ITU for presenting some cool stuff from that time back in 2005.

img_1306 img_1331 img_1313 img_1302 img_1316

Thanks to

Henrik Westergaard Hansen, Microsoft

Meats Meier, independent artist

Moayad Fahmi, Instructor of The Steadfast Tin soldier.