4 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Companies


2020 is the year of digital!

2020 is the year of digital. But regardless of whether there is a huge pandemic going on or if you are living in New Zealand. Many industries need to have the best digital technology to thrive in every condition, and that goes to field service companies as well. A great digital technology in a field service company will help them detect errors or malfunctions on their devices. Some of the time the problems can be fixed remotely! And by knowing it without going there it will help save time and money on the process. Efficiency is key, especially so in the field service industry.

Shockingly most field service companies still use the old ways of doing things. Using a pen and paper to arrange everything seems pretty outdated, isn’t it?. Nothing wrong with doing that if you have a lot of time, but if you’re looking to maximize everything then a digital overhaul is needed and should be a priority.

Enter Microsoft Dynamics 365, an end-to-end software program that leverages data-driven insights and built-in intelligence to drive operational efficiencies and enhance performance. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is predictive maintenance redefined and something that every field service operation – no matter which industry in which it specializes – can seamlessly adapt to existing workflows.

Thankfully Microsoft has created a solution in the form of Dynamics 365, a complete end-to-end software that provides data-driven insights and computerized intelligence to increase efficiencies and performance. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a maintenance genius and something that every medium-large field service operations will need, no matter the industry they are working in. Want to learn more about using MS Dynamics GP with field service software now?

Here are a few key benefits of using Dynamics 365 compared to pen and paper:

Keeps customers engaged

By keeping tabs of every malfunction quickly you will be able to keep the engagement rate from your customers compared to using the normal way of informing malfunctions through email/phone, You will be able to get the notification almost instantly by using Dynamics 365. It also has a built-in scheduling so it makes it very easy to schedule appointments when there is a problem.

Makes proactive assistance possible

At its core the field service industry has always been an important profession – Technicians will go onsite and repair any broken equipment but not a second before. By using Dynamics 365 you can monitor everything remotely and you will be able to schedule maintenances before the equipment is broken down. Remote monitoring is the future and this is very true in 2020.

Empowers connection on any channel

Dynamics 365 are accessible in most mobile devices. You will have more ways to connect with clients and solve problems by using it compared when you are not. This is key if you want to significantly grow your field service company.

Keeps you informed of industry happenings

Thanks to the AI-intelligence news capability in Dynamics 365. You can get more insight into the future of your field service industry and what type of things are trending in the present day. This will make you stay relevant and one step ahead of people not using Dynamics 365